Regardless of whether you’re in the market for a simple, low-complexity building or a large complex structure, look no further than Steel Depot. Our systems make the erection process simpler and faster, therefore the flexibility achieved from our products offer you uncommon design options and aesthetic appeal.

Hybrid / Structural SteelHybrid/Structural Steel

The professionals at Steel Depot are ready to assist you with the design and implementation of a solution for the Class A, conventional steel and hybrid design of schools, office buildings, heavy manufacturing, and distribution centers. Additionally, parking garages and water treatment plants are just some of the end-users that may have use for a hybrid structure.

These buildings are perfect for projects that require bridge cranes, mezzanines, multiple floors, heavy loading, large area spans and more.

NuRoof System

Retrofit / NuRoof® System

As structures begin to show their age and as budgets are continuously cut, NuRoof® System offers a solution that is as cost-effective as it is long-lasting.

Steel Deopot’s NuRoof® is a light-gauge framing system fully designed to create a sloped roof plane and is the most proven product and system in the metal building industry. Retrofitting is an excellent, cost-efficient alternative to new roof construction, as this system eliminates problems commonly associated with flat roofs.

This system requires certified installers for both the roofing system AND the structural system and features the industry’s best and strongest weathertightness warranties. When installing a NuRoof®system, you can expect knowledgeable technicians for job inspection and for new construction projects, the NuRoof® system is also an economical and competitive alternative to prefabricated truss construction.

Express BuildingExpress Buildings

If a low-complexity metal building is what you need, then look no further ... Steel Depot's Express Building is exactly what you need. The Express Building is pre-engineered to specific sizes which makes it an economical option. Delivery on the Express Buildings is four-six weeks.

Our customer service representatives will review your needs and recommend a standard metal building package to meet your needs.

Long Bay System®

the longbayManufacturing facilities, warehousing facilities and distribution centers have one thing in common: the need for large, open floor space with few interior columns. The Long Bay® system is the solution for you.

Developed in 1999, Long Bay® is the first major innovation in metal roof framing in over thirty years. The Long Bay® System’s open web purlin is fabricated to fit project-specific loads and spans. Automated machine and certified welders fabricate the cold-rolled tubular sections to precise depths using a variety of gauged cross sections.

Steel Depot's Long Bay® is ideal for less bridging, fewer footings and a reduced amount of required columns, resulting in significant overall cost savings. Also, compatibility with multiple wall and roofing systems gives you increased design and configuration choices in the construction of your project.

Mini StorageMini-Storage

Steel Depot can outfit you with self-storage metal building systems to accommodate a variety of uses. These self-storage systems are perfect for single and multi-storage applications for individuals as well as commercial owners. These buildings are advantageous because of the climate-controlled design options, simple erection, construction and architecturally appealing structures for commercial applications. Additionally, these systems are conducive to future expansion.