A unique feature of this panel is a vertical leg that is a side joint that is mechanically seamed with an electric seamer for a weather tight finish. This panel features concealed clips and easy to handle 16" wide panels custom cut to the desired length. This panel can be installed directly over purlins or bar joists. It does not require a solid substructure for support. This roof system has several different UL90 construction numbers.
Gauge: 24 (Standard) with 22 gauge available on request.
Lengths: Maximum 55' is standard. Other lengths are available as special request.
Dimensions: 16" wide by 2" high is standard. Other widths are available as special order.
Panel Attachment: A choice of concealed fastening clips is available for this panel system including UL rated clips. These clips hold the panel firmly in place without unsightly exposed fasteners. Low and High clips are available which are fixed or floating. Floating clips accommodate Thermal Movement.
Finish: Galvalume Plus® and Architectural Series.
Usage: This panel is a structural panel that spans up to five feet on purlins, or can be used as an architectural panel over solid deck. This flat part of the panel is designed with striations or striations with pencil ribs as an option to minimize oil canning. It is in compliance with many industry codes.
Limitations: Recommended for roof slopes of 1/4 : 12 or greater. Oil canning is not a reason for rejection.




Factory applied mastic inside of female leg of panel is standard. Watertight & easier installation.
Swaged end laps. Improved installation & improved appearance.
Optional: Heavier gauges, striation and embossing. Minimizes oil canning.
Design flexibility. Optimal economy.
Roof runs without end lap panels may be erected from either direction. Flexible and convenient installation.
Roof to wall transition. Creates a trimless eave.
80% fewer exposed fasteners than traditional side lap panels and all fasteners are long life. Increased weathertightness & improved appearance.
The side lap has been tested for air infiltration and water penetration under ASTM E283 and E331 methods. Minimal air infiltration and water penetration and acceptability among
Vertical Leg. Better transition to hip, valleys, and roof openings.
Insulated with thermal blocks. High energy efficiency system.
High or low floating clips available. Allows roof to expand and contract maximizing weathertightness.
High or low fixed clips available. Varying insulation thicknesses available.
Panel available in Signature® 200, 300 and 300 Metallic paint. 25-year finish warranty.
UL 90. Lower insurance costs.
Panel has striations. Helps with oil canning.