Long Bay Secondary Structures
Long Bay® Secondary Structures A horizontal structural member which supports roof systems with virtual square shaped top and bottom chords.
Gauge: 16,14,13,12
Depth 12" - 44"
Finish: Dark Gray Primer
Fasteners A307 or A325 Bolts per design
Lengths Up to 65'
Usage Secondary member to support roof systems
Usage: Designed to meet specific load criteria
Limitations: Designed to meet specific load criteria.
Bay spacing from 40' to 65'. Opens long bay markets.
Bolts to main frame. Faster, more precise installation.
Design flexibility. Usable with tilt wall.
Stiffer than bar joist. No warp or sweep, easier to erect.
Lighter than bar joist. Easy to handle, maneuver, & set.
Available with Double-Lok® standing seam roof. 30-year roof life-cycle, 25-year factory warranties available.
Available with "B" Deck for single-ply, built-up, EPDM roof. Design flexibility for conventional applications.
Open-web purlin fabricated of light-gauge cold-rolled steel. Roofing systems attached with self-drilling screws.
Less bridging and bridging attaches with self-drilling screws. Roofing systems attached with self-drilling screws.
4" top chord width. Stable platform for attachment of deck or clips.
5" seat depth. Can mix bays with standard “Z” purlins.